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Singles Together is a new dating site for singles and totally FREE with features such as liking, disliking, see who's viewed your profile and see who's liked you and maybe want's to meet you, the ability to add upto 20 pictures to your profile and create blogs!

Free Dating developed by StewartsWebWorks in Hull Singles Together Online Dating Network, Why pay to meet new friends or love... singletstogether.net
Use the Share us on Facebook button at the top of the site and help us grow to become a great place to bring singles together.

Singles Together uses Google API to help with your search results aswell as our own integrated search so you can select other singles within a radius along with age range.

The dislike feature will disallow any messages from another member who you're not keen on which will also prevent you from messaging them too, this can also block someone if you find there not for you through conversation.

Check out the Features page to see what you can do on SinglesTogether Dating Network just like seeing if they've seen your message in conversations.

I'm sure more feature's will be added over time.



replied 7 months ago, 31-May-2019

Well what can I say... WOW this site is great, loads of features! Will be good to watch it grow, as I'm sure it will because all the features are free, why should it cost to find friends or fall in love?
I look forwards to see what other features will be added in time.


replied 7 months ago, 25-May-2019

I agree with Vicky, this is a much better site and will be great to see this take off and become a decent dating website.

A great alternative to plenty of fish and other paid dating sites


replied 7 months ago, 25-May-2019

I really hope this gets popluar as it's got some great features which are all free unlike POF where you have to pay just to see who wants to meet you, this one has a like instead which really is just the same as POF's meet me


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