Meeting someone from Singles Together

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If you and the person your chatting to on SinglesTogether feel it's time you want to meet, Be Safe and make sure you are 100% Comfortable...
Meet for the first few times in a populated, public place - never at your home, your date's home, or any other private location. If he/she pressures you to go to a private location, end the date.

Tell friends and family of your plans, including when and where you're going. Have your mobile charged and with you at all times.

Be in control of how you get to and from your date so that you can leave whenever you want.

If your date tries to pressure you to drink more than you're comfortable with, end the date.

It's okay to end the date early if you're feeling uncomfortable. if your instincts are telling you something isn't right or you feel unsafe, contact a friend or family member and let them know your leaving.

Remember.... You DO NOT have to explain why you want to leave, YOU CAN JUST LEAVE.



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