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Singles Together uses Google API to help with your search results aswell as our own integrated search so you can select singles within a radius along with age range.

Who's viewed your profile

To see who's viewed your profile, goto the "VIEWS" page.

Send a Like

Sending a like is showing someone you like them and maybe want to meet them, you can also see who's sent you a like.

Who likes you

View a list of people who have liked you by going to the "LIKES" page.


If someone's not your type or you've been chatting and found their not for you, you can dislike someone, Disliking a member stops you from showing up in their search criteria.

Dislike messaging

Anyone you dislike or anyone who dislikes you are not permitted to message each other. They can still send you a like though.

Seen your Message

When you send a message you'll see a little eye with their picture, if they've seen your message it shows as orange.

Message usercards

Sending a like and/or any messages will (if set) send an email to the member displaying your usercard.

Start a Blog

Start a blog by going to your account, you can allow others to comment or not.


Site Stats

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    Single males 21
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    Single trans males 1
    Single trans females 1
    Single Bi-Sexuals 5
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    Total Images 16
    Total Blogs 3