Emma : Single TransFemale in Hull

Username: Emma
  Straight TransFemale seeking Friendship
Lives: Hull
Age: 47
Marital status: Single

  • Height: 5ft 10
  • Bodytype: Slim
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Children: Yes
  • Pets: No pets
  • Smoker: None smoker

  • Online yesterday
    I'm a genuine person and very loyal, Yes I'm a Trans Female and it's been a long time coming to terms with my own self but now I'm getting where I need to be so hoping to find a loyal and caring person for a long term relationship

    I'm a Single Parent to my two youngest sons and I enjoy web development.

    Relationships: Have great difficulty in sustaining relationships when young, due to their unconventional ideas of how a relationship should work! in later life, and when they settle down, they become loyal and committed to their partners.  They find parenting difficult if their children are not either Aquarian or Gemini, as they do not understand a child who is more conventional than they are!

     Career: Aquarians are drawn to humanitarian professions such as working for the Third World, running charity concern's and all type of Social Work. They are natural communicators and good with young adults and teenagers, they sometimes find dealing with young children difficult. They are often to be found running drama workshops, and at this they excel!

     Leisure: Dancing is most beneficial for these people, especially free form, they must however take great care of their ankles, which is a week spot in this sign. Like all Air sign's they benefit from some exercise out- doors. They may find themselves as the unofficial leader of any group activity that they join.

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