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Relationships: The most romantic and sensitive of the sign's they love to be in a stable relationship, and will see their partner thro' rose coloured spectacles, they are loyal in relationships up to a point, but are easily carried away by false perceptions of other people, and are capable of ending a relationship without a backward glance if they think that they have at last met their Soul Mate. They make wonderful, if easy-going parents.

Career: Very prominent in the healing and counselling professions, these people are natural healers, and are often found in alternative and complimentary practices, they are very good listeners, and have a gentle air about them. They are often drawn to work in the arts, as they have a great love of beauty.

Leisure: Not especially active people they usually dislike violent exercise, or indeed violent anything! T'ai chi or Yoga or Chi gung is more their style. although they often enjoy swimming in open places like rivers and lakes.

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