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Relationships: Sagittarius needs a certain amount of freedom in a relationship, they would find a possessive situation very uncomfortable and may ultimately pull away from it if they felt that it no longer supported them. although loyal and loving, they need a partner who will be happy to do there own thing and allow Sagittarius to do theirs. They make wonderful parents, as they are always enthusiastic about their offspring's achievements.

 Career: Sagittarius is often drawn to the law in one form or another, they often travel and tend to learn both the language and customs of the countries that they visit very easily. They are also good at public speaking unless they have been repressed in childhood.

 Leisure: Nothing pleases this sign more than a holiday sampling good food and wine and “all” the trimmings! And, if its in the sunshine and has a sandy beach, so much the better. Most people born under this sign think that “exercise” is a stroll in the moonlight after a good dinner. hence they tend to put on weight with the years.

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