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Relationships: Home and relationship are often the most important issues in the Taurean life. They make considerate and loving partners, but do not take criticism well, and can be jealous in there younger years. Wealth and comfort are important to them, and they are unlikely to ever put what they hold dear in jeopardy. They make wonderful parents, and accept the children of others as there own.

 Career: Ambitious and hard working, very attracted to careers in banking and where they are dealing with money. Some love to work in the open air and find that they need a connection with nature and the earth. Routine is also very important in the Taurus life.

 Leisure: Some love outdoor activities such as Golf, Hill-Walking, they often have an interest in gardening and horticulture, In some their main interest lies in cooking and good food and wine, they should watch the waist-line in later life.

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