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Relationships: They can appear cold and off hand in their personal life, and although to some extent they are detached, they are actually very sensitive and caring. They often wait until later in life before committing to a relationship, but when they do it is usually for life, they need a partner who is also detached to some degree, and who will allow them  their own space They make wonderful, if offbeat parents!

 Career: They make excellent doctors and teachers, also first rate personal assistants. They work well under stress provided they are not hurried. Virgo can be super critical, and truthful  to an uncomfortable degree, they need employers that understand and trust them.

 Leisure: The outdoor life is essential to the average Virgo at some time of their life, gentle exercise regimes for example Yoga, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, will suit them better than more energetic sports. Just walking in the countryside will bring them peace and spiritual refreshment.

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